Hey! My name is Sisloob (pronounced She-Low) Lo and I'm just a guy living in NYC trying to live out my dreams as an actor. growing up, I was an extremely shy kid who was afraid of talking to anybody with a face. it wasn't until my sixth grade choir teacher showed me a clip of Newsies on Broadway and convinced me to join the middle school's production of Guys and Dolls where I made my acting debut as Angie The Ox! before watching Newsies I was convinced that boys were not allowed to sing and dance, but the phenomenal actors said otherwise. after that, I was hooked and really found myself and found my people that truly supported me. it wasn't until my Junior year of high school where I decided that I wanted to do this as a living. growing up I NEVER saw people that looked like me on screen and on stage, unless it was portraying a negative stereotype of Asian people. So I made it my life goal to change the industry and bring proper representation to the arts. I also hope that I can inspire future young Sisloob's that acting isn't just a hobby. I attended the American Musical And Dramatic Academy in Summer of 2018, and just recently graduated with a performing arts degree in Spring of 2021. Nowadays you can find me Auditioning like there's no tomorrow as well as finding ways to be a voice and a better ally for underrepresented groups.